Top Things To Do In Dubai On A Budget

With 5 star hotels soaring into the sky and the citizens known for their lavish lifestyles, Dubai is commonly assumed to be a city for the rich and wealthy. Dubai is the birthplace of 7 star hotels and for the budget traveler, the city might seem too expensive but there are plenty of places to visit and things to do to ensure that you have a wonderful time during your visit. By making a proper plan before departing on your journey and deciding where to go and where not to, you can experience and enjoy some of the most wondrous things and places in Dubai.

When it comes to food; thanks to the huge base of immigrants from every part of the world, Dubai has a variety of meals, from Chinese to Western meals and gives these at amazingly affordable prices. By being a bit vigilant and exploring the city a bit you should be able to find excellent places to get a bite at and also do not forget to look for restaurant offers which are perfect for someone looking to enjoy on the budget. If you do not fancy living in top rated hotels and lounging by the pool, Dubai offers plenty of affordable and economical hotels and places to stay at. Typically living in budget locations would have people compromising some aspect during the stay, but with Dubai this is generally not the case. Almost all budget hotels offer fast Wi-Fi and air conditioned rooms for comfort. One of the most effective ways to travel around the sprawling metropolis is to take advantage of the metro service. With over seventy kilometers of track length, the air conditioned carriages ensure you move fast and with zero hassle.

If you are looking to shop, it is recommended that you ditch the pricey malls and stick to the souks where you can find a range of items and it is possible to haggle and bargain to lower the prices further. Gold is one item that is considerably cheaper than what you would have to spend in another country. The souks around the Dubai Creek are worth checking out. While you are at the creek, make it a point to go on a dhow cruise. Plenty of travel outlets and shops offer excellent dhow cruise creek deals that allow you to experience this amazing journey at a lesser cost.

Another experience that is both affordable and should not be missed is the desert safaris just outside Dubai. There are plenty of travel agents who provide these services at varying prices so it is best you research a bit and decide on the best.