Things You Should Know When Travelling To Hawaii

The beautiful state of Hawai’i is made out of islands and is home to a great culture. It is also the northernmost of all the islands of Polynesia and the only US state located in Oceania. Hawai’i is made up almost entirely of volcanoes due to a phenomenon called hotspots where the earth’s crust moves around on top of a molten lava tunnel. So as the earth keeps moving, there are new volcanic islands made on the crust as the lava keeps pushing forward. There are currently eight islands in Hawai’I, and more are predicted to come to life.

The food of the region

Hawai’I has an extremely diverse culture, which is emphasized by the tropical climatic conditions. The original Polynesians, along with the subsequent settlers from different countries, have made the Hawaiian culture very different from anything else on earth. This is reflected in the cuisine of the country, where different kinds of food from the different cultures absorbed are showcased. You get macaroni, hamburgers, fried eggs, gravy and Japanese style tonkatsu, spam musubi, which is an ethnic cuisine developed jointly by the military and the immigrants.

Hiking the Na Pali Coast of Kauai

For backpacking lovers, one of the island’s best backpacking routes are located in the island of Kauai. It is 22 miles in length (round trip) and cuts through the coast of Na Pali, which is famous for its beautiful sceneries and wilderness that is left unspoilt, thanks to many considerate people. There are cliffs, sharp turns, drop-offs, switchbacks and a plethora of other dangers in this hiking trail, so only those who love danger (and have the climbing skills) are recommended to take it. The destination of this trail is the golden sands of the Kalalau beach, which is well worth putting your life on the line to get there. You could even hire a yachts to get to this destination. There is a camping site and a beachside waterfall for your troubles.

Watching humpback whales of Maui

You get to see the great acrobatics of humpback whales, which have spins, smacks of pectoral fins, leaps, back flips and a plethora of other actions off the coast of Maui Nui which is between the islands. Around 10, 000 humpback whales appear during the season to mate, give birth and then nurse their newborns in these waters. The peak season for whale watching is during the months of January to March, which have cooling temperatures in the region as well. There are many boats that cater to tourists wanting to see the whales, so you can grab one of them for cheap or even hire luxury yachts Dubai.

The volcano national parks, Grand Canyon of the Pacific, surfing in Oahu and mule rides to Molokai coast are some of the great activities in Hawai’i. Due to the diverse nature of activities and also the culture, this US state has some great memory making opportunities for any and all people.