Things To Keep In Your Shop For Safety Of Goods

Running a store is a hard business, you never know when you might meet bankruptcy in its glory. And this is without the added stress of managing the inventory and the employees or thinking about robbers. When you are on the night shift or making sure no one is nicking your favorite goods without paying, then it is hard to focus on anything else. There are the times when you end up being stabbed in the back by your business partner (mutiny in business) or employees. Although it is hard to tackle all these issues at once, theft is one of the things that is easy to prevent.
How do you put up the preventative measures?
CCTV cameras are one of the most fundamental items to have in a store. And make sure to place them in places that is hard to spot. Usually the company that will be installing them will let you know where to place them exactly. But if you know your customers well as you should, then you would know where they conglomerate on a regular basis. Another item to have in the store that is good for nullifying effects of shopliftings is RFID asset tracking measures.
Checking out the would-be shoplifters
If you are managing the store on your own then you need to be aware of those who come in. People who usually end up wielding a gun and robbing the place and shoplifters all have certain behaviors’ that set them apart from the regular people. Although robbers just come wielding the gun, some of them might end up cautious and check out who is in the store and especially if it’s a big shop.
Shoplifters have a tendency to be nervous and keep looking around at items that are not your goods, like corners of the ceiling and such. They also tend to go about on the store for a longer time without picking anything. Some of them would even come to the store repeatedly and end up leaving without buying anything at all as surveillance. Be aware of those that keep walking about the store in areas where it is hard to keep an eye out for from the counter. If you have experienced shoplifting before then you would know what to watch out for and whether you need RFID asset tracking.
It is recommended to train your staff in counteracting against robbers and shoplifters. Emergency scenario training should be given to every new employee and make sure that they are trustworthy people. Rush hours are the main times that shoplifting happens to keep an eye out during these times.