First Time Experiences

First time experiences will only come once in your life. It doesn’t matter how many times you visit a certain place, how many people you fall in love with or how many times you go and watch a sports event at a stadium you will always remember the first time you did these things. First times don’t always have to beautiful or a great memory however they are more often than not an unforgettable memory.

Take it in

Regardless of the experience being bad or good you should take in first time experiences, you can get memories or be taught valuable lessons and learn from them.

Desert safari tours can be a lovely and a nice first time experience. This is a must in the UAE, this is a memory that you will love to tell to your friends and family. You will depart in the midafternoon and get some picture stops through a thrilling sand bank drive to a camel ranch which is your first journey’s end. The thrilling drive will endure through the desert but you will stop to lookout the sundown before getting to the campground someplace you will catch an opportunity to ride a camel, sand board and get henna designs for your feet and hands. You can enjoy some shisha before you eat.Enjoy Dubai dinner in the desert; you will get a barbecue dinner whilst relaxing in the tents. You can enjoy performances of belly dancing, carnival shows and Tanoura. You will get a beautiful desert spread of barbecue dinner with international cuisines. Later on at night you can lie on a carpet on the sand and look at the night sky.

If you visit a beach for the first time enjoy the feeling of the soft sand beneath your feet. The ocean will look tempting with the serene waves however don’t forget to enjoy the beach also. It doesn’t matter what your age is you should build sandcastles the first time you visit the beach. This doesn’t mean spend all your time building the sandcastles but don’t waste time just lying around. Play some sports on the beach like volleyball or rugby. This will feel different because of the sand, the beautiful landscape and the smell of the salty ocean. Make sure when you go to the ocean for the first time that there are life guards around and you don’t go alone. Don’t go too deep, just sit in the salty water and look around you. This is not like any swimming pool, when you look into the distance you will realize how big the ocean really is and it will be a calming feeling to.